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Copyright by Fred Hopengarten K1VR, 1994

(updated 13-MAR-2002 by N2MG with text from CT1EAT)

(updated 28-DEC-2005 with Spanish text from EB8BKS / EC8ABZ)

            Looking down the road just a bit toward the fall contest season, there is still time to do something I've been meaning to do for several years -- learn the few critical phrases necessary to get through a CQ World Wide Contest, or an ARRL DX Contest (in the spring), on phone. If the sunspots are not smiling on you, it is time to recognize that 20 meters will be the Big Ugly during the contest, and you need the following language phrases as an aid to retaining your CQ’ing frequency during the weekend. After a little research, I've been able to distill a few necessary expressions below.


English:       Callsign please?

French:       Indicatif, s'il vous plait?

Spanish:     ¿Su indicativo por favor?  o  ¿Su QRZ por favor?

                  (was: Llamada, por favor?)

German:      Ihr Rufzeichen, bitte?

Italian:         Tuo nominativo per favore?

Japanese:    kOru sain mo ishi do?  (Or)

                       kOru sain o onegai shimasu

Russian:      Vash po ziv noy?

Portuguese: Indicativo, por favor?


English:       What is your transmitter power?

French:       Votre puissance, s'il vous plait?

Spanish:     ¿que potencia emplea? ¿que potencia tienes? ¿Cuantos Watios usas?
Cual es la potencia de su transmisor?             

German:     Wieviel Power haben Sie?

Italian:        Tua potenza, per favore?

Japanese:   sOshinki no shutsuryoku wa doregurai desuka.

Russian:     Dai tya moishnist piridatchika?

Portuguese: Qual é a potência de emissão?


[And for the fall --]


English:      Your zone please?

French:      Votre zone, s'il vous plait?

Spanish:    ¿Su Zona por favor?

                 (was: Sua zona, por favor? )

German:     Ihre Zone, bitte?

Italian:        Tua zona, per favore?

Japanese:    zOn o onegai shimasu.

Russian:     Vash nomir zone?

Portuguese: Qual é a sua zona?


English:      The frequency is in use, please QSY.

French:      Le frequence est occupe, QSY s'il vous plait.

                                    Note:  Ku Ess Ee-grec

Spanish:     La frecuencia esta ocupada. Has QSY por favor.

                                    Note:  Koo Ess Ee-grega

German:     Die Frequenz ist besetzt, bitte QSY!

                                    Note:  Koo As Oooopsilon (Uepsilon)

But, I would suggest pronouncing QSY in American English, as somebody who doesn't speak German probably can't pronounce the UE anyway.  [KIU AS WHY (as an American would say) is understood in German as well!]

Italian:        Il frequencia es occupado.  QSY per favore.

Japanese:   Tsukatte masu.  QSY shite kudasai.

Russian:     Chastota zeinyita.

Portuguese: A frequência está ocupada. Por favor QSY.


English:      Thank you.

French:      Merci bien.

Spanish:     Gracias.

German:     Danke.

Italian:        Grazie.

Japanese:   dOmo arigatO.

Russian:     Spaciba.

Portuguese: Obrigado


English:     Please put me out on packet (PacketCluster).

French:      S'il vous plait, pouvez-vous me mettre sur le packet?

Spanish:    Por favor, ponga me en el cluster.

German:     Bitte geben Sie mich als DX in den PacketCluster ein!

Italian:        Per favore, mettimi sul packet.

Japanese:   Paketto kurasuta ni watashi no shuhasu o appu shite kudasai.

Russian:     Saab sheetya obo mnyer na pakyetye.  

Portuguese: Por favor anuncie-me no packet cluster


Phrases for Special Situations:

English:      Gimme a break.  I've been here for two hours.
                 [Don't diss me man, o' I'll be in yo face.]

Canadian:  Take off, eh!
                 [QSY or I’ll blast you to the Yukon!]

French:      Un aperitif vous attends au premier etage.  Bon appetit.
                 [Don't you have a drink waiting for you upstairs?]

Spanish:     Esta la hora para sua siesta.  Vamonos.
                  [Isn't it time for your nap?]

German:     Sollten Sie heute nicht Ihr Auto waschen?
                  [Shouldn't you be cleaning your car today?]

Italian:        Per favore, abbassa il tuo speech processor.
                  [Please turn down your speech processor.]

Japanese:    kyO wa butsumetsu kana.
                   [Is today Friday the 13th?]

Russian:      Tee chtoh, sloni svalyeelseh?
                  [Did you just fall off the back of a turnip truck?]

Good luck in the contest!






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