Dayton 1999 Recollections
Jack Schuster - W1WEF

Flew US Airways Thurs AM. Left the house 6AM and talked to K1EM who was
leaving by car. Flew to Phila where connecting flight was grounded with landing gear
problem, and after several hours we were rebooked to fly a puddle jumper
(US Air Express operated by Mesa) to Cincinnati. While taxiing out to
runway, pilot got word that Cinci airport closed. It opened an hour
later, we flew there and were bussed to Dayton airport. 13 hours after
leaving my house I was in Dayton. So were those who drove.

George, W1ZT who roomed with me and was to meet me in the airport waited
hours before going to the Crowne Plaza. The second floor gathering spot
was going full bore, and I managed to stay up until about 1AM. Up at 6,
we drove to the arena, stopped at Mc for breakfast on the way, parked
across the road in the $5 parking lot and walked the mile to the gate.
Gate was supposed to open to the Flea Mkt at 8AM, but ours didn’t until
8:20; others apparently opened on time. Overall impression of flea
market this year was more junk than ever, but I may just be outgrowing
flea markets or the need for anything I cant buy elsewhere! I had
ordered parts for my new IC706 interface and CW interfaces before I left
home. Best part of the Dayton Flea Market is always meeting people anyway and
it was fun walking around with DG and AR for a while.

Doors opened at ten AM for inside exhibits. This took some vendors by
surprise who thought it was still noon as in the past! I immediately
started plastering my 706 ads in all the men’s rooms…figured everyone
would eventually be there (well almost everyone!).The cleaning people
tore them down as soon as they saw them, but got a lot of comments from
those who went early!

The crowds were seemingly light, but with the good wx all three days,
people were spread thru the inside and outside, so you could see
everything you wanted to easily. By the time it was over, I had
thoroughly walked thru all the indoor exhibits at least once, as well as
the flea market. I attended part of the Contest forum, but still regret
that you cant leave and hit the exhibit area as you could before, and
then return. DG says the convention people are considering moving the DX
talks to the Crowne Plaza Fri afternoon, and the Contest talks there Sat
afternoon. Maybe the real solution is a DX/Contest convention somewhere

I bought a Top Ten Devices Band decoder so I can do automatic antenna
switching from the MP. Also, a neat paddle by K9LU, for $20…the cutest
li’l paddle you ever saw! Will try it mobile. Got some more ink for
reinking my printer cartridges…that has worked out well except for the
time I spilled ink on my pants and the rug. Both were replaced! Ordered
the second Yaesu G1000SDX to replace my remaining Tailtwister on the IIX
sidearm. Looked at the FT100 and from what I saw I have no desire to
replace my beloved IC706MKII. Renewed my CQ and World radio
subscriptions and got a few other odds and ends..

Saw the new Bulgarian amplifier amp introduced by ACOM with Krassy,
K1LZ, and Jim,K1IR maning the booth with others. Alpha Power had their
Alpha99 that replaced the 91B formerly made in the same Bulgarian
factory. The Bulgarian amp is awaiting FCC approval, but has some neat
features for about $5500. TenTec had a new Titan II linear, and a $800
computer controlled transceiver similar to the Kachina. I didn’t really
pay much attention to it but heard about it from someone with a
Kachina. There was a neat transceiver kit being sold by Electrocraft or
something like that, for $550. K2SIG told me he ordered one.

At the Contest banquet, Dave Sumner made the keynote speech, and then
there were long nominating and acceptance speeches for two worthy
additions to the CQ Hall of Fame…John Crovelli, W2GD, and Frank Donovan,
W3LPL. The food was good (prime rib), and it was almost a sellout.

Vince Thompson, K5VT told me that the night before at the DX Dinner he
recognized someone across the table from him who he had operated
with…ROMEO! I spotted him outside the FRC room the next night, with Ed
Kritski not far away. Romeo is reportedly living in Miami now. (I’ll
have to alert the Florida Contest Club!)

Had supper Friday with three of the Ks City Contest Club guys, K0VBU,
K0RWL,and another, and then when I got back to the hotel, Dan K1TO and
Rus K2UA (the former NJ2L) were just leaving for supper so I went with
them for dessert. We were joined by NJ1V and K5TT who also had eaten
and went for dessert. Sunday morning, after being up until 2AM I awoke
at 6 and decided to forego the FOC brunch at ten since I couldn’t fall
asleep again. I went to the Cracker Barrel with George and we sat with
NJ1V and K5TT who were there also.

Overall a good time…after the lousy flights, Ill consider driving again,
perhaps a leisurely RV trip rather than a marathon since I dont have to
be back for work … or maybe a leisurely drive to Visalia instead?.




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