YCCC At Dayton
Jeff Briggs - K1ZM

Hi Gang

As reported earlier, YCCC had a strong showing at Dayton with over 65 members

In addition to the usual roles played by K1AR as emcee for the Contest Dinner
and K1DG as host of the Contest Forum, YCCC was also well represented at the
forums by K1XM, KQ1F and K1ZM.

I brought along to Dayton a bagful of our new YCCC buttons (the ones that say
"YCCC 1998/1999 - we be kickin' Butt"), and managed to hand out at least 50
of 'em during the course of Friday night and Saturday.

By the time of the Contest Dinner at 5:30PM on Saturday evening, the lobby of
the Crowne Plaza was a "SEA of RED" - with YCCC buttons EVERYWHERE! I even
gave a few to well-known Dx'ers who agreed to wear them to help us celebrate
our success during the 1998-99 season.

In addition to YCCC badges being everywhere, there was an unofficial
unveiling of the YCCC banner (compliments of Brad W1NT) at the Contest Forum.
Between the second and third presentation, Ken Wolff, K1EA, and I paraded up
and down the aisles holding it unfurled - much to the chagrin of the FRC'ers
present - and much to the delight of those YCCC'ers in attendance. Most of
the other attendees probably din't really understand what was going down -
but looked on in amazement anyway!

Later that night, AFTER the Contest Dinner, KQ1F and WA1S paraded the YCCC
banner again through the mezzanine lobby at the CROWNE PLAZA and into and
through the FRC suite - you had to be there to see the looks on the faces of
the FRC'ers present and I spent some time afterwards with Alex, V47KP, (who
is the new incoming FRC President for 1999-2000).

Alex tells me that YCCC did not see FRC's best effort in CQWW 1998 - and that
we had better not rest on our laurels too much - lest we get our "Butts
wiped" in CQWW 1999. So I guess the "gauntlet has been thrown down"!

FRC will be ***even tougher**** to beat this year - but if we keep our
eligibility up, our dx-peditions out there and our participation level HIGH
here at home, then we can surely give them a real contest again this year.

This year, however, the element of surprise is GONE. While they did not take
us seriously LAST YEAR, they surely will this year - so we all know what we
have to do if we really wish to defend our title.

So, get your antennas checked out over the summer, make sure everything works
as planned and be sure to reserve the LAST FULL WEEKEND in October and
November for the upcoming rematch.

I suspect it will be a dandy and a real HORSERACE!


It was indeed a pleasure to have the chance to celebrate our success with our
fellow club members this year at Dayton. Those who were there know what I
mean. It was a good feeling and I was mighty proud to have my YCCC button on
all weekend long.




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