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YCCC 40th anniversary

Contest Event Begin: Saturday Sept 16, 0000Z
Contest Event End: Sunday, Sept 17 2359Z

QSO Party Start: Monday Sept 17 0000Z
QSO Party End: Friday Sept 22 , 2359Z

To help celebrate the 40 th birthday of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club on the air. Since we are a contest club, the event will consist of a 48-hour contest event, and a week-long QSO Party.
YCCC Members: Name + QTH + last 2 digits of 1 st year of YCCC Membership
Non-YCCC: Name + QTH
160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, and 6M. Stations may be worked once per each band/mode.
SSB, CW, RTTY, and PSK31
QRP < 5W, LP <100w, HP >100-1500w
Suggested Frequencies:
CW: 40KHz from bottom of band
Phone: 40KHz from bottom of general phone band
RTTY/Digital: Follow accepted band plans
Suggested times outside the contest period:
Try to peak activity at 40 minutes past each hour
Spotting, including self-spotting, is strongly encouraged for YCCC stations.
All stations may use whatever spotting assistance they feel is warranted for a radio contest. YCCC stations-include a comment with your spot (YCCC/40).
Single and Multi-op.
Distributed multi-ops are permissible. Multi-ops are HP only.
1 point per QSO. 4 pts per QSO with W2PV or AJ1I.
Total Score:
YCCC: (QSO Pts) x (# of States/Provinces/Countries worked)
Non-YCCC: (QSO Pts) x (# of different YCCC stations worked)
Mult figures are total numbers, not per band.

Former YCCC Members can choose to be a YCCC station, in which case they would give the YCCC Exchange and enter as a YCCC Member, or they can choose to be a non-YCCC entrant, give that exchange and enter as a non-YCCC Member.

Contest Log Submissions:
Cabrillo file to YCCC40@yccc.org by 2359Z Sept 29.
E-certificates to all entrants. For the contest period, Plaques to the highest scoring non-YCCC entrant in USA/Canada and outside USA/Canada. For SOHP, MOHP, SOLP and SOQRP. E-certificates to all YCCC entrants, plaque to the highest scoring YCCC member.
QSO Party:
Same Frequencies, bands, modes
Name and State/Province/DX

Send a Cabrillo log, or, a simple dupe sheet of the YCCC call signs worked to YCCC40Party@yccc.org no later than 2359Z Sept 29 th to receive an E-certificate.

Looking forward to a big week!

Dennis, W1UE
President, YCCC


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