Installing PL259’s on CATV RG11

by Jack Schuster, W1WEF

YCCC Suttlebutt #120, December 1995.

This method of attaching PL259 connectors to CATV RG11 has served me well on several antennas that required 70 ohm matching sections. The coax used was Times Fiber Communications, Inc. T10 series which has a copper-clad steel center conductor and an aluminum shield bonded to a polyethylene dielectric. On top of the bonded shield are two layers of an aluminum alloy wire braid, with another layer of aluminum foil shield in between. A greasy compound coating the materials serves as a moisture block.

Using a utility knife, first strip about a half inch of the outter shields and dielectric from the end of the coax, leaving the center conductor. Next, cut the outter jacket back another three quarters of an inch. Remove the two layers of braid and the outter foil shield, leaving three quarters of an inch of the inner bonded foil shield exposed.

Install a UG176 reducer over the inner bonded shield by holding the reducer with pliers and forcing it over the shield by rotating it as if screwing it onto the cable while pushing it at the same time. Do not try to remove the moisture blocking compound.

Now a PL259 can be screwed onto the reducer, holding the end of the reducer with one pair of pliers, and the PL259 with another. The center conductor is then soldered. When connecting to an antenna or barrel connector, the usual taping and sealing measures should be taken.