"Contest" Mode?? When?
Dick Pechie, KB1H

YCCC Scuttlebutt #118, August 1995

At the June 4th YCCC Meeting I asked that the members begin to think when the YCCC PacketCluster System should be put into "Contest" Mode. When in "Contest" mode, many of the commands are not available to the Users. Message forwarding, bulletin downloads, database searching are some of the everyday functions that are "shut-off" in order to keep the system backbone busy only with DX spots. The YCCC SYSOP Association (YSA) has originally thought that a good starting point would be to drop into "Contest" mode for any contest that a YCCC Club score is submitted for. I am sure this is not the only criteria that should be considered and also that the limit as to what commands and how "open" we keep the system needs to be defined. By "open" I mean, To what other PacketCluster systems do we connect and what information should cross system borders?

We have some of the best contesters in the YCCC and many of them know what the PacketCluster system means to them during contests. How and when can the network give each and every contest effort the "edge" to win? Please take a few minutes to consider the few questions that follow. Replies can be sent via (preferably) E-Mail at kb1h@chowda.com, regular mail, or packet.

1) During which contests should the YCCC PacketCluster system be put into contest mode?

2) Is there a special guideline that should be followed to add future contests to the list?

3) What commands should be available to Users during the contest?

4) How "open" should the system be during contests? Remember, there are YCCC members using Tri-State nodes, so some "openness" should be allowed.

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