Phrases for Special Situations

Fred Hopengarten, K1VR

YCCC Scuttlebutt #120, December 1995.
Copyright© 1995 by Fred Hopengarten K1VR. Permission to reprint is almost certain to be granted to anyone who asks.

As the phone contest nears, and sunspots are few and far between, it is time to recognize that 20 meters is going to be the big ugly this weekend. I therefore offer the following language phrases as an aid to retaining your CQ'ing frequency this weekend. Note that when my more extensive collection of foreign language phrases was printed in CQ, K1AR, diplomat that he is, left out these phrases.

Phrase Translation
English: Gimme a break. I've been here for two hours. Don't diss me man, o' I'll be in yo face.
Canadian: Take off, eh! QSY or I’ll blast you to the Yukon.
Japanese: kyO wa butsumetsu kana. Is today Friday the 13th?
Russian: Tee chtoh, sloni svalyeelseh? Did you just fall off the back of a turnip truck?
French: Un aperitif vous attends au prémier étage. Bon appetit. You have a drink waiting for you upstairs. Enjoy it.
Spanish: Esta la hora para sua siesta. Vamonos. Isn't it time for your nap?
German: Sollten Sie heute nicht Ihr Auto waschen? Shouldn't you be cleaning your car today?
Italian: Per favore, abbassa il tuo speech processor. Please turn down your speech processor.

Good luck in the contest!