Secretary’s Report, February 1996
Charlotte Richardson, KQ1F

YCCC Scuttlebutt #121, February 1996

The February, 1996, meeting of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club was held on Sunday, February 4, 1996, at the Sturbridge Host Hotel in Sturbridge, Mass. Club president JP, AA2DU, called the meeting to order with introductions of the 74 members present and their guests. JP announced two upcoming Contest Universities in preparation for the ARRL DX Contests. KY1H will host a CU on Sunday February 11 at 1pm, and N1AU and K1KP will host one at the K1KP QTH on Tuesday, February 13th, at 6pm.

Several members were selling or giving away various items. JP awarded Tom, W2SC, his Million Point Club plaque. Following this, the club voted to have Luigi, AA1AA, draft a letter to contest sponsoring organizations reccomending that they give published credit to that station owner of a station being guest-operated as well as to the operator when the operator uses his or her own callsign. JP announced that Luigi, AA1AA, took first place in the US in the WAE DC SSB contest for 1995, operating from the K1VR station.

Luigi, AA1AA, and Dave, KY1H, then talked about the YCCC World Wide Web page. The web site is located at, which links to, which is hosted by KY1H. Dave is looking for ideas on web page contents and links. Luigi also an-nounced that the YCCC internet re-flector will be back up shortly.

John, K1VWL, then talked about the first Beijing DX Convention, held in October, 1995, and showed slides of his visit to China. This was the first time 2m HTs were allowed in China. China has around twenty-five active club stations as well as many more that are not currently active. Low-band conditions in Beijing were very noisy due to power-line noise. 80m was open to Europe all night long, but John, operating only cw, did not even hear any North American stations on any band from 30m to 160m. The BY1QH club station has no 160m amplifier. All the equipment at the club stations is donated. For the DX convention, he obtained a $5 US visi-tor ham license allowing him to oper-ate at any club station with his own call. Even those bringing in their own gear had to operate from a club station. The Radio Sports Association sent convention attendees an invitation letter, which was needed in order to apply for a visa. Attendees included K1VWL, K5FUV, a few Europeans (including OH2BH), various BY club station operators, many JAs, some Koreans including P5s, many West Coast US hams (mainly from Los An-geles), a couple hundred in total. Spe-cial station BY1T was erected on top of the Great Wall. John also showed slides of his vacation DXpedition to Moorea, FO8.

Following John's presentation, the club welcomed nine new members (see "New Crew" column).

Dick, KB1H, then gave a PacketCluster update. The YSA is planning several network upgrades. The K2EK node in southwest Connecticut will be replaced by WW1O between W1RM and KB2UGG to improve the connection to KB2UGG. This link will be established first, then the speed will be improved. The W1RM link to K1KI will soon be upgraded to 9600 baud. The K1KI to AA1AS link will be upgraded to 9600 baud next, followed by the AA1AS to K2TR link, all on 440 Mhz. The link from K1EA to NK1K still has an unknown problem, so service to Maine now goes via KD2EU. Various nodes have a non-uniform policy about going into Con-test Mode. For example, it is useful to go into Contest Mode at night during the 160m contests. The loss of the K5NA node when K5NA moved overloads the K2TR node even though KB2UGG was supposed to handle the K5NA traffic, so a node may need to be added between KB2UGG and K2TR.

JP then announced that the WRTC team leader nomination, conducted via packet ballot because of the blizzard during the December meeting, went to Tom, K1KI. Tom picked K3UA as his partner; partners are required to be members of some other club. Both of the other nominees, K1TO and K5ZD, were chosen as partners by other team leaders, so all three will participate.

Tom, K1KI, then talked about preparations for the ARRL DX Contests. YCCC came very close to beating FRC last year, so close that if everyone at the meeting had made another 75 QSOs, we would have won. This year will probably be the last year in which DXpeditions will not count for the club score. Thus, for example, Jack, W1WEF, operating from PJ2 will not count for the club score this year. Tom urged members to consider operating in the single-op assisted category to maximize their scores. Luigi, AA1AA, will organize plaques and certificates this year. Plaques will again be available for both Million Point Club and DXCC in a Weekend achievements.

Tom also announced that Tree, N6TR, would be in Connecticut for a class the following Tuesday and that he and Dan, K1TO, were corrdinating a dinner with him in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

JP reminded stations needing contest operators and operators needing sta-tions to operate from to put their needs out on packet.

The meeting adjourned at 4 pm.

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