Secretary’s Report, June 1995
Charlotte Richardson, KQ1F

YCCC Sucttlebutt #118, August, 1995

The June, 1995, meeting of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club was held on Sunday, June 4, 1994, in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, immediately following the appreciation luncheon for the W1 QSL BURO volunteers. The meeting was called to order by club President JP, AA2DU.

Several members had commercial announcements.

Following the commercial announcements, the 56 members present introduced themselves. Then JP announced various club appointments. Rich, K2WR, is taking over as NLI area manager. Dean, N6BV, is taking on the newly-created position of club eligibility manager. Charlie, WZ1R, is the new club awards manager, and is taking over as score keeper for all contests (replacing Kurt, W1PH). The West Mass. area manager position is currently open, and JP was looking for a volunteer.

Next came a discussion of the proposal to raise club dues to $20 per year for regular members, to cover postage increases and the new awards programs. Dues were last increased in February 1988. The current treasury balance stood at $1510.19. The motion will probably be made at the July meeting. Also under consideration was to increase the overseas Scuttlebutt subscriber rate to $15 from the current $10 to cover the overseas postage rate increase setfor July.

Dick, KB1H, then reported on the YSA (YCCC Sysops Association) meeting. This organization was founded in April. One of the main discussion items currently is during which contests to go into "contest mode".

The club then voted in one new member, Steve Olivieri, N1TYH.

Tony, K1KP, then talked about membership recruiting. To increase club membership and thus increase the club score, we need to target: non-YCCC contesters, non-contesters, ex-YCCC members, and new hams. Where we can find new members: on-the-air activities, a WWW home page, Field Day operations, Contest Universities, other clubs, internet reflectors, hamfests and conventions, stores that sell ham products. Recruiting materials: YCCC info sheet, direct mailing info letter, big YCCC flag or banner, a pro-quality videotape. Why join YCCC: technical expertise, technical assistance, comraderie, organized competition, club competition, apparel program. How can we improve morale?

Next came awards presentations. ARRL certificates were handed out as follows:
Randy, K5ZD, first place single-op CW SS, Dean, N6BV, first place single op SSB SS, Jeff, K1ZM, first place single-op 160 contest, and Barry, N1NQD, first place single-op January VHF SS.

Then the club awards committee, Char-lie, WZ1R, Tom, K1KI, and Luigi, AA1AA, handed out 120 certificates for ARRL DX contest participation to: N3MLV, K2SS, AI3E, WA1PMA, WC1D, W1AX, N1OEK, WA1TTV, KJ4KB, KB1GW, KA2CIW, KA1ZNZ, W2SC, W1KM, NX1H, NB1B, WS1E, WS1M, WS1A, WW1O, WW1E, WT1T, WM1K, K1BG, K1CC, KM1P, KM3T, N1DS, NC1M, NJ1F, NM1W, W1RM, WA1ZAM, WB2CPU, WB1HBB, K1EBY, K1GW, K1RX, K1TR, KA1DWX, KA1ILG, KB1KE, KB1W, KY1H, K1XM, WZ1R, WA1S, K1VR, K2WR, N1AU, W1PH, K1KI, K1KP, K1EA, K1MBO, K1TWF, AD1C, AA2DU, AK1N, K1AR, K1EFI, K1FWF, K1HMO, K1IU, K1JKS, K1RU, K1ZM, K2ONP, K2SX, K2TE, K2XA, K5FUV, K5ZD, K8JLF, KA1CZF, KB1H, KC1F, KC1XX, KF2O, KS1L, KZ1M, N1CC, N1MM, N1NQD, N1OPZ, N2FF, N4XR, N6BV, N6RFM, W1BK, W1FJ, W1JR, W1MK, W1NG, W1OG, WA1G, WA1HYN, WA2TIF, WA3TXR, WB2DND, WO1P, AA1AA, WB1ELA, KN1Z, NT2X, W1GG, WT2Q, K1KI, WA1KSY, WA1QGC, AA1CE, AA1ER, KD1ZA, AA1HF, KA2WEI, N1QMM, WB1DFI, WO1N, and K1DW.

The final club score was still not in, and the results were very close! The plaques were not finished yet and will be available at the next meeting. Those qualifying for the DXCC-in-a-weekend plaque should contact Tom, K1KI.

Charlie, WZ1R, also reported that the club garnered 31M in the CQ WPX SSB and over 30M so far in the CQ WPX CW; additional scores should be sent to WZ1R.

After the break, Bill, N1AU, East Mass. area manager, talked about area manager functions: promoting member eligibility by relaying information on eligibility, arranging Contest Universities for meeting credit before contests, matching up operators and stations, ensuring that contest scores are submitted before the deadline, being the local representative of the club for publicity and recruitment, being a clearinghouse for problems (cluster, RFI, etc.). He also collected ideas on what else the area managers should be doing. Ideas included: hold a "halftime" dinner between contest weekends to go over how the season is going, host more informal get-togethers in the outlying areas, coordinate car-pooling, coordinate antenna parties, submit local area news for publication in the 'Butt.

JP, AA2DU, ARRL CAC chairman, then talked about Contest Advisory Committee issues. There is a proposal to change the point structure for the ARRL 160m contest so that DX QSOs count the same as North American QSOs (2 points; currently DX QSOs count 5 points). Members were mostly against this one. There is also a proposal to include DXpedition scores in club scores in the DX Contests, which generated a lot of debate. Another proposal is to declare a "contest-free zone" on 20m SSB.

Bill, NA2M, the ARRL Hudson Division DXAC representative, then talked about DXAC issues. There is a proposal to revert the CW DXCC credit to 1945 like the SSB credits rather than 1975; this issue also came up two years ago. There is a proposal to delete Aruba (P4) as not being a fully-independent country, which he thinks is very unlikely to pass. There is another proposal on Pratas Island (Tongsha Dao). The first proposal was rejected 8:7, so this one cannot be voted on again until 1997. He believes that the proposal will pass at that time, making the current BV9H operation likely to count for DXCC credit.

Charlie, WZ1R, then talked about the PRB-1 legislation in Massachusetts. The local PRB-1 has passed the Massachusetts House. He suggested that all Massachusetts members (he lives in Rhode Island himself) send letters to their state senators asking them to vote in favor of House Item 2782.

Luigi, AA1AA, then gave the YCCC Quiz, which was won by Dave, K1ZZ. For those who missed the correct answers (Note that "members" here refers to anyone who was ever a member since 1982):.
1A. There are nine states at least partially included within YCCC club territory: MA, CT, RI, VT, NH, ME, NY, NJ, and PA.
1B. There are 13 ARRL sections: EMA, WMA, CT, RI, VT, NH, ME, ENY, WNY, NLI, NNJ, SNJ, and EPA.
1C. There are two countries: USA and 4U1UN.
2. Of the 529 people reported, 517 live inside and 12 live outside the club radius.
3. Of the 522 reported (524 members; two hold reciprocal licenses), the license class breakdown is: 411 Extras, 70 Ad-vanceds, 24 Generals, and 17 Novice or Technician.
4. Of the 497 reported, 466 are ARRL members and 31 are not ARRL members. 126 of them are ARRL Life Members.
5. Membership by state is: 214 MA, 101 CT, 76 NY, 67 NH, 22 RI, 20 ME, 8 NJ, 5 VT, and 4 PA.
6. Most common first letter of callsign: K, W, N, and A. The two reciprocal licensees are G and VU2.
7. Of the 529 reported, 284 are currently paying Scuttlebutt subscribers.
8. Only one member had perfect attendance at all meetings last year, N6RFM.
9. Six members missed only one meeting: AA2DU, AA1AA, WZ1R, N1NQD, K2WR, and K5FUV.
10. Since the inception of Contest University special meetings, 193 members have attended at least one.
11. 26 members have attended a Contest Univeristy meeting this contest year (since the April meeting).

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