Secretary’s Report, June 1996
Charlotte Richardson, KQ1F

YCCC Scuttlebutt #124, August 1996

The June, 1996, meeting of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club was held on Saturday, June 1, 1996, in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. The meeting was called to order by club President Tom, K1KI, and began with introductions of the 91 members present and their guests. Tom then announced that he was collecting WPX scores, and also announced some recent club wins: we took the 1992 CQ WPX plaque for the USA with 50M points (NCCC took the world plaque) as well as the 1994 USA plaque with 81M points. Both plaques will go to Rich, K2WR, club president at the time they were won. We also took the 1995 gavel for the ARRL 160m contest in the medium club category; the gavel will go to JP, AA2DU, club president that year. And YCCC beat FRC in SweepStakes last fall.

Tom also thanked KM9P for assisting us with our internet email reflector and the YCCC home page, and asked for volunteers to help put things into the club home page. The club roster on the web site currently will not have member phone numbers.

Tom announced that 25 members attended the early summer picnic at the QTH of Dean, N6BV, despite wet weather, after the Rochester flea market.

A short discussion of how the club budget is allocated followed. 85-90% of the club budget comes from member dues, with the remaining income coming from Scuttlebutt subscriptions, contributions, and interest on the club bank account. 70% of the club budget goes to print and mail the Scuttlebutt, roster, and Contest Cookbook, and another 15% covers the club meeting room. Tom is looking for ways to reduce the budget somewhat. One obvious way is to cut off mailings to members who do not pay their dues sooner, perhaps after the August Scuttlebutt issue. Currently these ineligible members receive Scuttlebutts for several additional months.

The first vanity callsign gate is currently open, with other gates expected to open later this summer. Note that the YCCC club callsign is too new to be eligible for the first gate.

Tom is putting together a Rohn tower section order, and expects 10-15% savings. The sections will probably all have to be delivered to one central QTH. If the order is large enough, the shipping will be free. Contact Tom for more information.

Randy, K5ZD, then gave a presentation on his "Top Ten Station Kit", how to design and build your station. After Randy's presentation, the club enjoyed sodas, lemonade, and cake to celebrate our 1995 WPX victory.

After various announcements, the club welcomed ten new and returning members: During the commercial break, Jake, W1FM, was selling Ionsound Turbo propagation prediction software at 20% off ($8).

Dave, K1ZZ, then spoke briefly about the ARRL bulletin. Small low-earth orbit satellite companies have proposed the 2m and 70cm bands, among other spectrum, for their radio service. See the July QST for details. Your response to this proposal is needed immediately.

Tony, K1KP, then gave his Dayton presentation on switching and filtering in a two-radio station.

Upcoming meetings will include a meeting on Connecticut in July, probably on July 20th at KB1GW, and the Augustpicnic on Saturday August 17th at W1KM in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

The club ByLaws change proposals to allow more than six meetings, some close to centers of club membership in Connecticut and Eastern Mass/Southern NH, enroll new members at any meeting, and remove the requirement for attendance at regular meetings all passed unanimously.

Paul, K1XM, announced that he was looking for CQ WW CW DXpedition operators. Paul also proposed to merge the now inactive Digital Equipment Corporation Amateur Radio Club, of which he is the trustee, into YCCC as the YCCC East Mass. Area Experimental Radio Club. This proposal was supported by the previous trustee of that club, John, K1FWF, and agreed to by YCCC membership. The inactive club holds the club callsign WA1VBE, which will now pass to YCCC, but has no other assets.

Jack, W1WEF, and Tom, K1KI, then gave a presentation on their 4-square antenna arrays. Members then adjourned to Rom's and other local restaurants.

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