Secretary's Report, October 1995
Charlotte Richardson, KQ1F

YCCC Scuttlebutt #120, December 1995

The October, 1995, meeting of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club was held on Sunday, October 15, 1995, at the Sturbridge Host Hotel in Sturbridge, Mass. Club president JP, AA2DU, called the meeting to order with introductions of the 81 members present and their guests. Several members had announcements. DK3TZ was expected to be in Boston over the CQ WW SBB weekend and was looking for a station to operate. Jake, W1FM, had copies of Ionsound available for only $10. Saul, K2XA, had information about a TS820 and R820 for sale. Len, KB2R, passed out Contest Cookbooks; those not picked up at the meeting would be mailed later. Then JP, AA2DU, read some interesting articles from other clubs' newletters. Charlie, WZ1R, announced that the club plaque and certificate programs would be continuing for the upcoming contest season.

JP, AA2DU, then passed out some ARRL certificates: to K5ZD for first place single op in the 1995 ARRL DX Contest cw, to N6BV for first place single op in the 1995 ARRL DX Contest SSB, and the N1SOH as section and division leader in the very last ARRL Novice Roundup. In club administration news, KB1GW will take over as the Connecticut area manager from K1RU, and WT2Q has taken on the West Mass. section. The KY1H multiop station was looking for CQ WW CW ops, while the K1KI multiop needed SSB ops. Rich, K2WR, announced that he would be operating from GJ for the SSB contest this year rather than for the CW test as he usually does. The treasury balance stood at a rather anemic $802.72, and members in arrears were urged to pay their dues and for their plaques before the CQ contests.

In the first program segment, Kenwood representative AE6P showed a video and slide program on the new TS870 HF transceiver. He brought one along, attached to a notebook computer, so members could try it out, and fielded a number of questions about the new rig. List price is around $2600.

After this program, Charlie, WZ1R, passed out club certificates and plaques. He announced that CQ WW certificates would be printed for members contributing at least 250 QSOs in the upcoming CQ WW contests, at least 100 QSOs each weekend. This year's plaques would be for 1 million point scores. The following members collected certificates: KS1L, WA1QGC, WA1KSY, KM3T, KM1P, K1CC, WS1A, WS1M, W1KM, KF2O, K8JLF, K1RU, WA1G, WA3TXR, WB2DND, AA1ER, N1WMM, KA1ILG, AI3E, N3MLV, W1JR, NC1M, W1RM, K1GW, K1RX, and K1TR. Plaques were awarded as follows: DXCC in a weekend: N1QMM, AD1C, KB1GW, KF2O. Mil-lion point club: KZ1M , K1BG, KF2O, W1KM, WN1G, K1TR, K2SX, and K1KP.

Following this, Jake, W1FM, of Sky-wave Technolgies, demoed Ionsound HDX Turbo version 3.5.

Then the club welcomed nine new and returning members: Doug Caron, N1IUN, Tom Hurley, NO1J, Paul M. Sheldon, N1LJA, Steve Rodowicz, N1SR (also VE1EES), James A. Frier, Jr., KD1TM, Sergei "Al" Gordienko, KF2FB, Kei Fukuda, AA2VE (also JJ1RJR), Chet Slabinski, N8RA, and Steve Harrison, KO0U.

During the break, members took another look at the TS870 video, and tried out the new radio. After the break, JP, AA2DU, discussed ARRL Contest Advisory Committee issues. He was predicting a negative vote on the "contest-free zone" proposal. Starting January first, 1996, there will be a new ARRL section, Northern New York, split off from the Western New York section. The new section will still be part of the Atlantic Division, not the Hudson Division. This may mean that next year's Sweepstakes will have 78 sections for a "sweep". However, there is also a proposal to elminate VY1/VE8 as a section, with VY1 becoming part of the VE6 section and VE8 becoming part of the VE7 section.

Luigi, AA1AA, then handed out the YCCC California QSO Party participation awards. Honorable Mentions went to KB2R, NO1J, K2ONP, K1DG, and W1PH. Runner up N1CC won a bottle of wine. First place went the NB1B, who won a bottle of wine and 1995 CQ Almanac.

JP, AA2DU, then discussed the club WRTC team leader nomination for 1996. The selected operator needs to be a very good op, and should be eligible for ARRL club competition. Nominations should be submitted before the December 9th club meeting, when the voting will take place. The nominee must be willing to pay his or her own transportation.

Members adjourned to Rom's and other local eateries.

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