YSA Meeting Minutes:
April 20,1996

YCCC Scuttlebutt #123, June 1996

Attendees: KB1H, K1KI, WU1I, W1GG (representing AA1AS), W2XL (representing KB2UGG), W1RM, W3IQS, KC8PE, K1EA, KC1XX, K1XX. Additional: WT2Q, KB1W, K1OQG, and KY2J.

WU1I Equipment Manager asks for present SYSOPs to update the inventory forms during the meeting. Before the update there was no unused equipment on-hand. WU1I will check after the update if there are any changes.

K1KI Link Coordinator distributed a list of User and Backbone frequencies. K1KI has supplied the USER frequency list to The ARRL for inclusion in the next Repeater Directory which is approximately 3 weeks away. Tom also sent to the respective Spectrum Coordinating Organizations the list of backbone frequencies. Tom ask for any updates and he did receive a few from SYSOPs present.

W1RM asks for any recommendations for lightning protection measures. It was noted that commercial installations have extensive grounding and lightning arrestors and is probably more than feasible in our installations. W1RM noted he has had quite abit of problems with the spike suppressors creating spurious noises. Any recommendations about protection would be welcomed. Most SYSOPs present said they just turn off and disconnect in severe weather conditions.

K1XX reported on the new Southwestern Ct. node WW1O which will be installed in Southington. All is ready and will be UPS to WW1O. It was decided to add an additional TNC so the connection from WW1O to KB2UGG can be made rather than WW1O and KB2UGG sharing a port from W1RM. W2XL will send to K1XX the TM-441 from KB2UGG for re-appplying on the WW1O node.

K1XX reported that the 9600 baud upgrade to W1RM-K1KI link is moving ahead but with considerable problems. K1XX expected the link to be running soon.

K1EA asked which BPQ code should all nodes be running. K1XX stated that Version 408A is the latest and desired version. If you are running BPQ (and you should be) and do not have this version please make arrangements for updating.

"Contest Mode" was discussed. The decision was made to "Strongly Recommend" that the full network be placed in the "Contest" mode for CQWW DX (SSB and CW), ARRL DX (SSB and CW) and CQWW WPX (SSB and CW). The YSA asks that ALL nodes switch during these 8 weekends. [six weekends - K1KI]

W1RM has agreed to compile from exist-ing contest SYSOP.DAT files a standard file for all YSA nodes. Also Pete will compose a standard message that ex-plains the mode and commands available.

Discussion was held on node standardi-zation. The earlier discussion of BPQ versions was noted as related. Databases were also discussed. Some nodes have extensive databases available. Most are from K6PBT who supplies them either via Internet or DX-BBS telephone BBS. Databases such as Contest, DX Countries List, YCCC Roster, and Daily Tips were all noted as those which could be added to all YSA nodes. KB1H will send a message to the YSA with a list of databases on his node. After the list is distributed, all inquiries to these databases can be directed to KB1H or one or two other designated nodes. Monthly updates are too differcult to distribute so the few key nodes is a better approach.

Discussion was held concerning the "opening" of the closed network during contests. It is felt that YCCC spots can be received by other competing clubs regardless of our efforts to hide the spots. Also there was concern that "opening" will be a disadvantage. It was decided that K1KI will talk to FRC and see what FRC's feeling is on this. A unilateral opening would not be in the YCCC interests.

Educating Users was discussed. WT2Q and K1KI will work on a "booklet" that will be available to Users. Explaining the network, the proper use, etc. will be the target of this booklet. Any SYSOPs with unique local help files may want to forward to WT2Q and K1KI those files for input.

The continued poor performance of the K1EA-NK1K link was discussed. KB1H to compose a letter to NK1K asking for help in solving the problems. A copy is to be sent to KD2EU. K1XX and KC1XX volunteered to help solve the problem with a visit to NK1K QTH if NK1K is willing to agree. K1EA will be available on his end when the visit is scheduled. Should this not proceed in a timely manner arrangements will be made to establish new linking to KD2EU and K1GQ. It is felt there is an definite advantage to receiving spots from the north and everything should be done to insure these spots get to the network quickly.

K2GX will be setting up his node in Reading,CT. This will be a Tri-State node but consideration should be given to offering YSA membership.

W1RM commented that a better or at least a formal avenue should be established for correspondence between Tri-State and YSA. KB1H will contact Tri-State. K1KI asks for a PacketCluster program for an upcoming YCCC Meeting. It was suggested to Tom that he contact AD1C.