Yankee Clipper Contest Club
Devoted to the pursuit of operating and technical excellence.

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Officers and other Important People

YCCC is proud to be served by the following dedicated volunteers.

The following individuals have yccc aliases such as title @ yccc.org


President:  email: president
Ken Caruso, WO1N
Vice President:  email: vicepresident
Charles Morrison, N1RR
Secretary:  email: secretary
Brian Szewczyk, NJ1F 
Treasurer: email: treasurer
Chet Slabinski, N8RA 
Activities Manager: email: activities
Gerry Kersus W1GD
Media Manager: email: content
Tom LeClerc, W1TJL
New Members Manager: email: members
Mark Pride, K1RX
YCCC Scorekeeper:  email: scores
Alec Berman,  W2JU
Scuttlebutt Editor: email: editor
Steve Rodowicz,  N1SR
Scuttlebutt Publisher:  email: publisher
Steve Rodowicz,  N1SR
Technical Assistance Manager:  email: ycccta
(978) 443-3603
W1 QSL Bureau Managers:  email: w1qsl
Eric Williams, KV1J
Dennis Egan, W1UE
Webmaster:  email: webmaster
Mike Gilmer, N2MG

Area Managers

Area managers are tasked with encouraging and assisting the club members in their areas. They also conduct "local" meetings such as Contest Universities.

Mike Russo,  K1EU
k1eu [at] maine [dot] rr.com
(207) 883-9524
Ken Caruso,  WO1N
WO1N [at] arrl [dot] net
Craig Clark,  K1QX
k1qx [at] arrl [dot] net
Jason Garneau,  K1LOL
Jgarneau [at] gmail [dot] com
(914) 235-4940
Joe Fitzgerald,  KM1P
jfitzgerald [at] alum [dot] wpi.edu
(617) 325-6767
Charlie Morrison, N1RR
n1rr [at] n1rr [dot] com
Tom Homewood,  W1TO
w1to [at] arrl [dot] net
(413) 743-7342
David Neal, W2DAN
w2dan [at] arrl [dot] net
CT (East):
Richard Cady, N1IXF

CT (West):
Mike Loukides, W1JQ
mikel [at] oreilly [dot] com
John Corini,  KE1IH 
john [dot] corini [at] @gmail [dot] com
Tom Carrubba,  KA2D
KA2D [at] arrl [dot] net
(631) 422-9594
Hank Kiernan,  KF2O
hankkier [at] aol [dot] com
(914) 235-4940
Guy Lemieux, VE2BWL
guy [at] guylemieux [dot] com
(914) 235-4940

Other Important People

ARRL Contest Advisory Committee
New England:
Hudson: Zev Darack N2WKS n2ga(at)aol.com
Atlantic: Charles D. Fulp Jr. K3WW k3ww [at] fast [dot] net
ARRL DX Advisory Committee
New England: Bob Beaudet W1YRC w1yrc [at] verizon [dot] net
Hudson:  Saul Abrams K2XA k2xa [at] arrl [dot] net
Atlantic: Chris Shalvoy K2CS cshalvoy [at] att [dot] net

Past YCCC Officers and Officials

Election                    Activities                       'Butt    
 Year    Pres     VPres     Manager      Sec'y     Treas     Editor   Webmaster
                                                             (appointed positions) 
1977-78  K1ZM     N4ZC      K1RQ/K1XX    K1XX/W1RR  N1TZ      K1ZM 
1978-79  K1ZM     K1IU      K1DG         W1RR       N1TZ      W1CF 
1979-80  K1DG     K2TR      K1RX         K1GQ       N1TZ      K1DG/K1XX/K1GQ
1980-81  K1AR     K2TR      merged/VP    K1GQ       N1TZ      K1GQ 
1981-82  K1AR     WA2OVE/KR2J            AK1A       N1TZ      K1GQ 
1982-83  K2VV     KR2J                   N1TZ   merged/Sec'y  K1GQ 
1983-84  K2VV     K1KI                   KQ1F                 K1XM 
1984-85  K1KI     K1AR                   KQ1F                 K1XM 
1985-86  N1AU     K1BW                   KQ1F                 K1XM 
1986-87  N1AU     K1BW                   KQ1F                 K1XM 
1987-88  KM1C     K1KI                   KQ1F                 K1XM 
1988-89  K2TR     N1CQ                   KQ1F                 K1XM 
1989-90  K2TR     N1CQ                   KQ1F                 K1XM
1990-91  KY1H     KC1F                   KQ1F                 K1XM
1991-92  KC1F     K2WR                   KQ1F                 K1XM
1992-93  K2WR     K2XA                   KQ1F                 K1XM
1993-94  K2WR     K2XA                   KQ1F                 K1XM
1994-95  K2WR     AA2DU                  KQ1F                 K1XM
1995-96  AA2DU    AA1AA                  KQ1F                 KB2R        KY1H
1996-97  K1KI     N6BV                   KQ1F                 KB2R        K5ZD
1997-98  N6BV     K1KP      K1GW         KQ1F       KV1W      KB2R        K1ZO
1998-99  K1ZM     N1AU      K1GW         KQ1F       KV1W      K1ZO        K1ZO
1999-00  K2KQ     N1AU      K1GW         KQ1F       KV1W      K1ZO        K1ZO
2000-01  K2KQ     K1XM      WA1S         KQ1F       KV1W      K1ZO        K1ZO
2001-02  K1IR     K1NU      W2XX/K1KI    KQ1F       KV1W      N1SR        N2MG
2002-03  N1XS     W1RZF     K2KQ         NB1B       K1EP      N1SR        N2MG
2003-04  N1XS     K1JN      K2KQ         W1EBI      K1EP      N1SR        N2MG
2004-05  W1LLU    KF1V      K1NQ         W1EBI      K1EP      N1SR        N2MG
2005-06  K1RX     N1IK      K1NQ         W1EBI      K1EP      N1SR        N2MG
2006-07  K1RX     N1IW      K0TV         W1EBI      K1EP      N1SR        N2MG
2007-08  K1RX     W1RZF     K0TV         W1EBI      K1EP      N1SR        N2MG
2008-09  K1RX     W1STT     W1MAW        W1EBI      K1EP      N1SR        N2MG
2009-10  K1RX     W1STT     W1MAW        W1EBI      K1EP      N1SR        N2MG
2010-11  K1KP     W1UE      W1EQO        NJ1F       K1EP      N1SR        WB1CCL
2011-12  K1KP     W1UE      W1EQO        NJ1F       N8RA      N1SR        WB1CCL
2012-13  K1KP     W1UE      W1EQO        NJ1F       N8RA      N1SR        WB1CCL
2013-14  K1KP     W1UE      W1EQO        NJ1F       N8RA      N1SR        WB1CCL
2014-15  K1KP     W1UE      W1EQO        NJ1F       N8RA      N1SR        WB1CCL
2015-16  K1KP     W1UE      W1EQO        NJ1F       N8RA      N1SR        WB1CCL
2016-17  K1KP     W1UE      W1EQO        NJ1F       N8RA      N1SR        WB1CCL
2017-18  W1UE	  N1RR      W1EQO        NJ1F       N8RA      N1SR        WB1CCL
2018-19  W1UE	  N1RR      W1EQO        NJ1F       N8RA      N1SR        WB1CCL	  
2019-20  W1UE	  N1RR      W1EQO        NJ1F       N8RA      N1SR        WB1CCL
2020-21  N1RR	  WO1N      W1GD         NJ1F       N8RA      N1SR        N2MG
2021-22  WO1N     N1RR      W1GD         NJ1F       N8RA      N1SR        N2MG

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