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YCCC Club Resource Information

You can tell if you owe dues by checking your ‘Butt’ mailing label or the Club roster in the Members Only section of the website. Mail your dues to the club treasurer, Chet Slabinski, N8RA, 200 Mount Parnassus Rd, East Haddam, CT 06423.

SCUTTLEBUTT ARTICLES should be sent to the Scuttlebutt editor, Steve Rodowicz N1SR, by E-mail at n1sr@arrl.net The deadline for each issue is the 10th of the preceding month.

Scuttlebutt Advertising: Nominal Business Card sized ad, $50 per year (6 appearances)

CONTEST SCORES should be sent to the club scorekeeper, Alec Berman, W2JU, preferably by E-mail at scores@yccc.org. Please include details such as numbers of QSOs, QSO points (if appropriate), and multipliers (all types); entry category; and power.


BADGES YCCC badges are available from Tony, K1KP. Send $3, name and call desired on the badge, and your mailing address to Tony.

APPAREL Contact Richie, W1STT. Email: richd1313@aol.com

YCCC LOGO ITEMS http://www.cafepress.com/n1ik

QSL CARDS are ordered through Tom Homewood, W1TO. To order, complete the “QSL Request” form available at http://www.yccc.org/members/yccc_qsl.htmand send it to Tom via email at w1to@yccc.org. Tom will review your request, resolve any issues and send your order to UX5UO. UX5UO sends a proof to the station. If the proof is good, email acceptance to UX5UO and copy to W1TO. Resolve any issues via email with UX5UO, W1TO is available to assist. Current price is $45 per 1,000 (matte) cards, $49 (heavy matte).

Make checks payable to: “UX5UO QSLs c/o Dwayne E. Lipscomb” and send via post to:

Mr. Dwayne Lipscomb (KD4POJ) – Complete Representative
4201 13th Street NE
Minot, ND 58703 USA
DUES AND MEMBERSHIP STUFF Dues for the year are payable as of January 1st. The YCCC has adopted a multi-tiered membership format as follows: Please note that payment of dues IS NOT a prerequisite for contributing scores to the Club aggregate, but IS for the various YCCC Awards Programs

Full Member - $15/yr (Eligible for YCCC member benefits and electronic “Ebutt” delivery of Club newsletter)

Full Member - $30/yr (Eligible for YCCC member benefits and paper delivery of Club newsletter)

Family Member - $0 (Grants full membership to all amateurs residing at one domicile on payment of one member's “Full Member” annual dues and entitlement to one Club Newsletter sent to one domicile or email address. All members of said family are eligible for YCCC member benefits.)

Student Member - $10 (Grants full membership to students at a reduced level. Eligible for YCCC awards programs and paper or electronic delivery of the Club Newsletter.)

Subscription - $** (A “supportive friend of YCCC” - not a member but a possible candidate for future membership. Only receives club newsletter in paper or electronic form. $10 for electronic “Ebutt” delivery domestically or overseas or $25 for domestic paper delivery.)

Club members who move out of club territory and so are not eligible to contribute to club aggregate scores can continue to participate in the Club’s e-mail reflector and receive the electronic “Ebutt” delivery of newsletter at no cost.

OR via PayPal to his E-mail: kd4poj@srt.com

MEMBERSHIP ROSTER is posed on the YCCC website. Updates are published in ‘Movers and Shakers’ when members move or change callsigns.


INTERNET REFLECTOR There is an Internet mailing list for YCCC members. To subscribe, go to https://groups.io/g/yccc/join and enter your email address.

WWW HOME PAGE Come visit us at http://www.yccc.org Our Webmaster is Lyn Glagowski, WB1CCL.

QSL BUREAU – The W1 QSL BUREAU is sponsored by the YCCC. For more information at: www.w1qsl.org Address: W1 QSL Bureau, PO Box 73, Marlborough, MA 01752-0073.
Email address: w1qsl@w1qsl.org


CAC: New England:  Hudson: George Tranos, N2GA Atlantic: Charles D Fulp Jr, K3WW
DXAC New England: Bob Beaudet, W1YRC Hudson: Saul M. Abrams, K2XA Atlantic: Chris Shalvoy, K2CS
ARRL LIAISON: Bart J. Jahnke, W9JJ Hudson: Frederick Lass, K2TR Atlantic: Joe Taylor, K1JT

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