YCCC DXCC Challenge

  • This is a list of club members’ DXCC totals.
  • The numbers represent CONFIRMED entities on the current ARRL DXCC Entities List (no deleted).
  • The total number of entities is 340 as of October 10, 2010.
  • Results are listed in order by highest “Challenge” total (sum of bands 160-6m).
  • You must enter EVERY (relevant) band and mode each time you update your totals. The form does not remember what your previous numbers were.
  • The Total column below refers to the total number of different band countries (160m + 80m + … + 10m + 6m).
    It is calculated automatically from the numbers you enter.

DISCLAIMER: This list is not affiliated with the ARRL DXCC program.

Data provided and managed by Jim Reisert, AD1C.