YCCC QSL cards are a great way to show the world you are a member of YCCC. The cards are printed by UX5UO. These cards are first class, the stock is heavy matte.

View some example cards by clicking on the small thumbnail images.

This is our standard QSL card – full color on a white stock. We group orders to reach a minimum of 10,000 cards. The minimum quantity is 1,000 cards per call sign. The price includes shipping. You must be a YCCC member to order. Orders will be done 2- 4 times a year depending on volume.  Once all the funds are received, the order will be placed.

There are no “Specials” – WYSIWYG. You may specify additional logos or/and small text if space permits. You will receive a proof before the bulk order is placed.

Ordering Process

  1. The operator fills out the QSL Order Form  and sends it to W1TO by email. If everything is OK,  the form is sent to UX5UO as the order.  Any issues are resolved by W1TO before sending.
  2. UX5UO sends a proof to the station. If the proof is good, email acceptance to UX5UO and copy to W1TO. Resolve any issues via email with UX5UO, copy to W1TO who is available to assist.
  3. Send payment to UX5UO representative:
    Mr. Michael Nörtemann (DF8AN) – Complete Representative
    Neustadt 18
    Northeim D-37154
    E-mail: Michael.Noertemann@gmx.de
    For payments: use bank transfer (details on request) or Paypal to above e-mail.
  4. Cards are shipped direct to the station and should arrive in 3 to 4 weeks.

Paypal works well. However, there is a currency conversion charge.

Current pricing (Feb 2022): $69 per 1000. This is subject change depending on postal rates.

To order or ask questions, contact Tom W1TO at w1to@yccc.org.