Don Toman, K2KQ

By | March 31, 2024

The officers and members of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club congratulate Don Toman, K2KQ on his 77 years of being a licensed amateur radio operator. In recognizing Don’s 77 years of activity, contributions, leadership and dedication to the Yankee Clipper Contest Club, Don is hereby nominated to the YCCC Hall of Fame.

A lifelong amateur radio enthusiast, Don was first licensed in 1947 as W2UFT. Don achieved DXCC by May of 1948, DXCC #206 at the tender age of 14 years old. Don then achieved WAZ in 1949 but the QSL cards took a few years to arrive. Don was awarded WAZ #334. Don is on the DXCC Honor roll with 370 entities including deletions.

A very accomplished professional life as an aerospace and electronic systems engineer took precedence resulting in some 27 patents. Don obtained his current call in 1976 thanks to the Extra Class incentive.  Eventually he found his way back to more activity around 1996. It was then Don joined the YCCC and participated in a few Club multi op contests. Don then deployed his own station in 1998 and he was hooked again. 

Not one to waste much time, Don became the President of YCCC in April 1999. He served two years as President of the Club, handing over the reins in April 2001. A year later he stepped up again, with his role as Vice President, April 2002 – April 2004.

Don shepherded the Club through decisive Club competition wins in the CQWW DX Contests 1999 and 2000 and the ARRL DX contests 2000 and 2001. His emphasis on every score counting, no matter how big or small the station was key to those victories.

Don helped organize the July 29th, 2001 joint YCCC / FRC / PVRC picnic that took place in NJ. Attended by some 40 Club members, this helped put a face on the competition, all in good fun. It helped solidify what the Club purpose was all about.

Over the years Don popularized the Double-L style low band antenna design throughout the Club. An uncountable number of members have deployed these in both temporary and permanent installations. The contribution to the Club scores is essentially uncountable.

Don is a prolific Club reflector contributor. His posts often offer cogent technical advice, or they may provide enthusiastic encouragement. His recommendations on motivating such a large organization are cherished and analyzed.  He is always happy to share his wealth of knowledge. He is innovative. The YCCC is fortunate to have such an outstanding individual in our midst. 

For these reasons, we nominate Don Toman, K2KQ to the YCCC Hall of Fame.

Nominating Members: WO1N, NJ1F