YCCC Hall of Fame

Upon nomination by a member in good standing and unanimous approval by the current Officers, Awards Manager, and Advisory Council of YCCC, another present or past member may be inducted into the YCCC Hall of Fame to recognize that member’s superior long-term achievements and contributions to the club and contesting. The nominating member shall provide a biography of the candidate to support the nomination. If approved, the induction shall be announced at the next General Meeting where the nominator shall be asked to present the biography of the inductee.

The award will include a wood plaque presented to the inductee, Honorary Life Membership, and posting of the inductee’s biography and other relevant accomplishments on the YCCC Hall of Fame listing here on the YCCC website.

  • Don Toman, K2KQ
    The officers and members of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club congratulate Don Toman, K2KQ on his 77 years of being a licensed amateur radio operator. In recognizing Don’s 77 years of activity, contributions, leadership and dedication to the Yankee Clipper Contest Club, Don is hereby… Read More »
  • Andy Bodony, K2LE
    YCCC Member Andy Bodony, K2LE, turned 90 on December 7th, 2023.   Andy got his ham license in Hungary when he was 16. Upon becoming an American citizen on May 1st, 1962 he passed the General Class Amateur Radio exam on May 2nd. Andy upgraded to Extra… Read More »
  • Jack Schuster, W1WEF
    Inducted 2022 “Barnacle Jack” Schuster, W1WEF, entered the amateur radio sphere in 1952 as a young teenager and is still at it at age 84. Recently he was recognized as the longest licensed attendee at the Xenia Hamvention Contest Dinner. In 1977 after a hiatus… Read More »
  • David Robbins, K1TTT
    Inducted 2013 In 1984, David Robbins moved to Peru, MA. He was very interested in contesting and became very active in the Yankee Clipper Contest Club. The Amateur Radio contesting world has forever been changed by the generosity and ingenuity of Dave, K1TTT. For those… Read More »
  • Roger Corey, W1AX
    Inducted 2012 I nominate Roger Corey, W1AX, for membership in the YCCC Hall of Fame. As W1JYH, living in the Connecticut River valley, Roger compiled huge scores in the Sweepstakes, DX tests and CD parties. He and his neighbor W1EOB (N4XR) had many close races… Read More »
  • Victor W. Paounoff, N4XR
    Inducted 2012 I wish to nominate Victor W. Paounoff, N4XR, to the YCCC Hall of Fame. Many YCCC members of longstanding had contact with Vic many years ago when they were just starting in the hobby. Some made first contact through the NTS system. Others… Read More »