Roger Corey, W1AX

By | January 20, 2022

Inducted 2012

Roger Corey, W1AX
Roger, W1AX (l) and Al, W1FJ (r)

I nominate Roger Corey, W1AX, for membership in the YCCC Hall of Fame. As W1JYH, living in the Connecticut River valley, Roger compiled huge scores in the Sweepstakes, DX tests and CD parties. He and his neighbor W1EOB (N4XR) had many close races to the finish

Roger was also active in Field day with the Connecticut Wireless Association. As a young contester Roger was always one of my heroes. When I got invited to take part in the CWA field day operation, I always looked forward to meeting Roger in Westwood and the opportunity to garner tidbits of contesting and DXing strategy on the drive to and from FD. Of course, getting to see Roger and the other masters of the CW art operate was an experience I will never forget.

Roger was a member of the 128 Contest club, one of the predecessors of YCCC, and a charter member of YCCC. He is the longest-time US member of the First Class CW Operators Club (FOC). It is my pleasure to nominate Roger Corey, W1AX, to membership in the YCCC Hall of Fame.

Al Rousseau, W1FJ

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