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The Yankee Clipper Contest Club is a special-purpose amateur radio club devoted to the pursuit of operating and technical excellence. Our goals are simple:

  • To promote the fun, satisfaction and competitive thrill of radio contesting
  • To assist our members in the development of their operating and technical skills
  • To win the club competition of the major amateur radio contests

We would love to have you join the “crew”!

The YCCC was founded in April 1977 and now boasts over 300 members located from New York City to Maine, Cape Cod to Upstate NY plus Canada.  YCCC members have excelled in all areas of amateur radio contesting, DXing, technical design, and public service.

Next Event

YCCC General Club Meeting (ZOOM)

When: Saturday, April 6, 2024
9:00am to 12:00pm

Meeting link will be posted to Groups.IO


All issues of the YCCC Scuttlebutt have been uploaded all the way to #001!

  • YCCC #2 in 2021 CQWW DX Competition
    YCCC finished #2 of all clubs in the world with 251 entries. https://www.cqww.com/clubscores.htm
  • YCCC #2 in 2022 ARRL International DX Contest  
    YCCC finished #2 of all Unlimited Clubs with 215 entries https://contests.arrl.org/clubscores.php?cn=dxph
  • YCCC #1 in 2022 CQWPX Competition
    YCCC finished #1 of all clubs in the world with 150 entrieshttps://cqwpx.com/clubscores.htm
  • Jack Schuster, W1WEF
    Inducted 2022 “Barnacle Jack” Schuster, W1WEF, entered the amateur radio sphere in 1952 as a young teenager and is still at it at age 84. Recently he was recognized as the longest licensed attendee at the Xenia Hamvention Contest Dinner. In 1977 after a hiatus to tend to the more important things in life he… Read More »
  • YCCC #7 in 2021 CQ WPX Club Competition
    YCCC finished #7 of all clubs in the World and #3 among USA clubs. https://cqwpx.com/results/results_2021_wpx_ssb_article.pdf