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K2KQ Double-L Antenna For 80/160

by Don Toman, K2KQ A popular misconception about vertical antennas for the low bands is that they must have elaborate ground systems. Here’s a vertical antenna for 80 and 160, fed with a single feed line that is simple, effective, and requires no ground system. You won’t beat the 4-squares, but you will hold your… Read More »

Band Pass Stubs

by Eric Scace K3NA This presentation covers the construction of stubs for harmonic rejection at the W1KM station.

Improving the AL-1200 Relay Speed

Tony Brock-Fisher, K1KP The basic problem is that the AL-1200 relay is a bit slow. I have developed a circuit that can be built and installed in the external keying line to the AL-1200 which will significantly increase the speed of the stock relay. No modifications are required to the AL-1200. The cricuit works by… Read More »

Two-Wire Beverage

by Jeff Parker, KA1GJ I recently erected a simple two-wire Beverage antenna and, during a recent on-the-air meeting, was asked to write it up for the Scuttlebutt. The design of this antenna is published in the two excellent books listed below as references 1 and 2. The two-wire Beverage is fed from one end but… Read More »