Roger Corey, W1AX

Inducted 2012 I nominate Roger Corey, W1AX, for membership in the YCCC Hall of Fame. As W1JYH, living in the Connecticut River valley, Roger compiled huge scores in the Sweepstakes, DX tests and CD parties. He and his neighbor W1EOB (N4XR) had many close races to the finish Roger was also active in Field day… Read More »

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Victor W. Paounoff, N4XR

Inducted 2012 I wish to nominate Victor W. Paounoff, N4XR, to the YCCC Hall of Fame. Many YCCC members of longstanding had contact with Vic many years ago when they were just starting in the hobby. Some made first contact through the NTS system. Others knew Vic as a work partner while he was manager… Read More »

Category: HOF

John Headen Thompson, W1BIH

Inducted 2012 I hereby nominate John Headen Thompson to the YCCC Hall of Fame. John became a ham in his teens in the early 30’s, and was on top of his game as DXer and Contester for over 75 years. He was close to the top of the all-time DXCC honor roll and usually the… Read More »

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K2KQ Double-L Antenna For 80/160

by Don Toman, K2KQ A popular misconception about vertical antennas for the low bands is that they must have elaborate ground systems. Here’s a vertical antenna for 80 and 160, fed with a single feed line that is simple, effective, and requires no ground system. You won’t beat the 4-squares, but you will hold your… Read More »